Wednesday, 23 March 2011

RIP La Liz

I know it's not a skill much prized these days, but there was a time I could name all of Elizabeth Taylor's husbands - from Nicky "Conrad" Hilton to Larry Fortensky, not forgetting Richard Burton twice (!). As a child, I was an oddity, obsessed with Old Hollywood, and no-one represented the glitz, the glamour; the ups, the downs; the sex, drama, and myriad hospitalisations like La Liz.

So even though I'm older, wiser (debatable) and hopefully less myopic - and certainly more jaded thanks to other movie goddesses who shall remain nameless - it is with tender nostalgia that I just learnt of her death.

(ps. All is forgiven re: the debacle of 1959, seeing as Debbie has outlived both you and EF.)

RIP xx

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Sing Clementine said...

I loved Old Hollywood, then and now, and I felt a tug when I heard the news about Our Lady of the Perfect Eyebrows.

Also, have heard some terrifying stuff about L*uren B*call's visits to my friend's workplace - she used to regularly make the shopgirls cry.